Skegness Stadium opens for holiday season

Linslade Academy 'requires improvement', according to Ofsted
Linslade Academy 'requires improvement', according to Ofsted

Skegness Stadium comes alive with the start of the Easter Holidays on Sunday, April, 6.

With a 1pm start, the afternoon features rookie banger racing, ladies banger racing and children’s racing from aged 12 years to 15 years in the junior rods, MD rods, and GT hot rods.

A spokesperson from the Skegness Stadium promises ‘Plenty of action and rollovers in the rookie bangers and for the purists close fast racing from the rod formulas.’

Thursday, April, 10, see’s the turn of the mini sprints kids aged five to 10 years.

The 1300 saloon Stock cars will be setting up their cars ready for Easter and the rookie bangers will turn out again for some ‘smash and crash’.

Savings can be made if tickets are purchased in advance.

To buy saver tickets or for more information visit www.Skegness– or call 0844 559 1228.