Skegness stadium gears up for Bank Holiday events


Skegness Stadium are hosting another Bank Holiday with ‘two full days of fun, excitement and racing to suit all age groups of the family.’

The two day event will feature the ‘2 Brothers Racing Motorbike Stunt Team’ and stock car racing is provided by the popular V8 stock cars; full contact car racing powered by V8 engines, who use their bumpers to get past the opposition.

Rookie Bangers are on Sunday, May 25, with the competition to find the ‘Best in Britain’ racer, which organisers promise plenty of rollovers and action from these MOT failure cars.

The Sprink Bank Holiday fixture is always a well supported day, with plenty of rookies racing.

Support is provided by the MD Hot Rods, 1300 Saloon Stock Cars and the Junior Class of 12 years to 15 years age group.

Monday, May, 26 follows a full contact race format, with big cars and big hits.

There are three formulas of stock cars in action on Monday, with the popular V8 Stock cars, Sprint Cars and the supremely fast Brisca F2 stock cars.

Special entertainment is provided by the ‘2 Brothers Racing Motorbike Stunt Team, specialist riders who perform lots of stunts on two wheels.

Their confidence is high after a recent TV appearance and one of the brother, ‘Vandal’ has recently been honoored with a Guinness Book of Records certificate for one of his stunts.

Admission at the gate for each day is priced at £14, Seniors £12 and Juniors £6

A Saver ticket, purchased in advance is priced at £11.50 for an adult, £10 for seniors and £5 for juniors.

Prepay by Paypal at or call 0844 559 1228, available up to 24 hours before the event Or from the Stadium shop on Skegness seafront, opposite the Embassy Centre, open everyday from Saturday, May, 24 and Sunday, May 25 from 9.30am until 5pm and Monday, May 26, 9am until noon

For more information, call 0844 559 1228

Skegness Stadium race whatever the weather, rain or shine and there is a large grandstand where you can stand and watch the racing.

For an additional charge of £10 for a car, you can also watch from trackview parking.

No food, alcohol, or drink is allowed if bought away from the stadium and no barbecues are allowed.