Skegness school helps with emergency planning

Students from Skegness Grammar School have been learning about emergency planning and thinking how their school could be used to shelter residents in an emergency.

The county council’s Emergency Planning Unit has been educating students about the main risks to Lincolnshire and how the service plans, responds and recovers from emergencies.

Students have come up with ideas on how their school could be transformed into a community evacuation centre and serve the area as a safe and welcoming place, if residents needed to leave their homes.

Emergency planning officer Laura Edlington said: “We are working with young people to improve their awareness of emergencies and community resilience, so that they can learn how to protect themselves and their families.

“There are a number of risks that pose a long term threat to local communities in Lincolnshire, including the coastal flooding that Skegness experienced last December. Should the worst case scenario occur, we would need to provide shelter and support to those that may require evacuation. This is where we benefit from the schools and academies assistance as evacuation centres.”