Skegness residents’ fury over ‘unfair Anglian Water waste water charges’

Anglian Water's waste water charges on a Skegness estate have angered residents.
Anglian Water's waste water charges on a Skegness estate have angered residents.

Disgruntled residents of St Margaret’s Avenue and the Beacon Park estate in Skegness are furious over discovering recently that they have been over-charged on their water bills.

When the garden of one occupant on St Margaret’s Avenue became flooded, they began to research the drainage system of the area, only to discover that to their surprise, there is no ‘drainage system’ as such, to carry away surface water.

Properties in this area rely on ‘soakaways’, which filter surface water underground and problems can arise when these ‘soakaways’ become silted up.

However, those in residence in the area had been billed a ‘surface water drainage’ charge.

Antony Innes, communication executive for Anglian Water said:  “Some customers in the Beacon Park estate, Skegness, have been in touch with us over recent weeks with queries on their water and sewerage bills. 

“A number of homes in this area were built with storage or natural filtering for rainwater.

“These ‘soakaways’ mean that none of the surface water which falls on their property ends up in our drainage systems - as such these customers are entitled to a rebate of £37 from their sewerage charges each year.”

Skegness Cllr Mark Anderson said: ““Lots of homes in that area have the same problem. It has been an ongoing problem for a number of years, which I myself and my constituency have been lobbying for new legislation to be put in place - it poses a real flood risk and my advice is to challenge this issue, why pay for a service if you’re not receiving it?”

After contacting Anglian water, local resident Ivan Frost said: “I have been told that I will receive a discount on my bills from April last year - minus the surface water charge.

“However I feel sorry for some of my neighbours who have been here years,” he added.

The onus is on the customer to notify the water board and although the charges can only be back-dated a year , Mr Innes from Anglian Water, said: “Any home across the Anglian Water region with a soakaway, or similar, that can prove no surface water goes into our drains, can apply for this rebate on their annual bill.

Customers who want to apply for this should get in touch on 08457 919155.” he added.