Skegness residents call for action after repeated flooding doubles insurance premiums

Suningdale Close after Wednesday's torrential rain.
Suningdale Close after Wednesday's torrential rain.

FLOOD prone homeowners in Skegness have called for urgent drainage improvements after thousands of pounds of water damage doubled their insurance premiums.

Residents in Sunningdale Close watched in dismay as yesterday’s torrential rain saw standing water creep up their driveways and into their homes, ruining carpets, furniture and possessions.

Having suffered the misery of flooding just five years ago, the angry residents are fed up of paying the price whenever torrential rain blights the area.

Dave Lee said: “This happened in 2007, so when it started again it felt just like deja vu - the problem was identical but nothing has been done.

“We aren’t flooded because of the sea or dykes, it’s the drainage system and all of the residents feel Anglian Water are to blame.”

Dave’s wife Julie explained that the repeated damage to their home had doubled insurance premiums and made moving almost impossible.

She said: “We like this area and want to say, but we want to scale down to a smaller place because our two children are at an age when they are thinking about moving out.

“We’d like to be able to help them financially but when the property is like this, we can’t sell it.”

Neighbouring homeowner Kevin Mellon’s ground floor also flooded during the freak storm, which saw 37mm of rain fall in a matter of hours - the most Skegness weatherman Brian Porter has recorded so far this year.

With previous floods causing £23,000 worth of damage to his house, the mere presence of rain clouds on the horizon is now enough to strike fear into his heart.

He said: “We look out at the skies just dreading the rain, feeling sick with worry.”

East Lindsey District Council’s drainage officer Steve Ross visited the site earlier this afternoon to identify the probable cause of the flooding and advise the flood affected residents.

He said: “Up to now, the evidence I’m seeing is that it’s Anglian Water’s system malfunction.”

Mr Ross was due to investigate further by deploying a camera into the drainage network and hopes to have a final report by tomorrow.

A spokesperson for Anglian Water said the company’s drainage infrastructure had generally coped well with the exceptional levels of rain and they would look into the specifics of the problems facing Sunningdale Close.

They said: “In Skegness and across Lincolnshire we’ve seen incredibly unusual and intense amounts of rainfall which has led to overloading of a number of drains .

“Broadly speaking our infrastructure has worked the way that it’s supposed to, it’s just a little overloaded.

“When our customers are affected it is obviously a situation that we don’t like to see, but these intense periods of rainfall are incredibly unusual and hard to guard against.”