Skegness pub licence under review after man loses eye in attack

A Skegness pub is to have its licence reviewed after a man lost his eye when the glass he was assaulted with broke.

The 30-year-old was rushed to hospital following the incident at the Marine Boathouse in February, in which he sustained a severe eye injury.

He was treated at Boston Pilgrim Hospital but his eye could not be saved.

Following the incident, police called for a review of the prevention of crime and disorder and public safety objectives on its premises licence.

The review application prepared for East Lindsey District Council’s licensing committee by Lincolnshire Police states: “It was discovered the drinking glasses being used were made of float glass.

“Drinks to customers were also being supplied in bottles, also made from float glass.

“Both the drinking glasses and the bottles used on the premises must be made from toughened glass, as stipulated in the premises licence conditions.”

There are also damning comments as to the way the incident was dealt with by the staff. The police report states: “The staff of the premises did not do enough to comply with their obligation to prevent crime and disorder.

“The glassing happened in front of both door supervisors, with at least one of them witnessing the glass smash into the victim’s face, with such force that the glass was seen to smash.

“It was about an hour later that the emergency services were notified, but still not by any of the premises’ staff.

”Due to the premises not notifying the police, the delay meant the premises was unnecessarily contaminated.

“The suspect was ejected from the premises and not detained.

“By also not notifying the police about the nature of the offence, not providing a description of the suspect, not providing a direction of travel, it took nearly a week for a suspect to be identified and interviewed, and has seriously hampered the investigation.”

The statement concludes: “The police believe that the staff at the premises did not do enough to comply with their obligation to prevent crime and disorder.

“Lincolnshire Police request a review of this licence to consider the actions of the staff on this occasion and the conditions that are designed to protect the public.”

The review takes place at Tedder Hall, Manby Park, Louth, on Friday, June 16.