Skegness police issue advice amid recent caravan burglaries

Police news.
Police news.

PCSO Dave Bunker of the Skegness Neighbourhood Policing team says there has recently been a number of burglaries to static caravans reported to police.

Each of these is being investigated.

The offender(s) gained entry and have stolen flat screen televisions and other items from within the caravans.

The Skegness area and East Lincolnshire coastal resorts contain one of the largest concentrations of static caravans in Europe.

Police advise that if you own a caravan on the coast, or are considering purchasing one, there are some important security questions to consider and a few tips you should follow in order to make the day to day security of your caravan as effective as possible and with LCD TVs and other expensive electrical equipment being a standard feature in many caravans, their security during periods of absence should be paramount.

Removing all valuable portable property from your caravan when it is unoccupied reduces the opportunity for thieves and this means removing it completely from the site and taking it home, rather than storing it in sheds adjacent to the caravan.

It is better to leave curtains open so criminals can clearly see that there are no valuables to steal and Lincolnshire Police provide stickers for display in the window reinforcing the message that all items of worth have been removed.

Having an intruder alarm fitted will hopefully dissuade theft attempts and ensure that if a break-in does occur, the proper authorities are alerted and scenes of crime officers can attend before important forensic evidence is lost.

There are many different alarms available with different levels of protection, and it is usually the amount you are willing to pay that dictates the alarm system you choose.

Police suggest you choose your site with care and give some consideration to the security features it offers as well as its facilities, bearing in mind that some sites are not open all year round; closing for one or two months in the winter season and this may affect the effectiveness of the security they offer.

If possible, police recommend sites that display the ‘Secure by Design’ logo, indicating that the site meets with stringent security standards and that measures such as closed circuit TV and private security patrols have been implemented.

Consider the use of intelligent property marking systems such as Smartwater DNA which can link your holiday home to your main domestic residence.

This can be another excellent deterrent measure as it is proven that thieves will avoid property marked with Smartwater.

When a burglar is looking for a potential caravan to steal from, if nothing of value can be seen through the windows, cupboards are left open to show they are empty then that caravan is likely to be passed by say police.