‘Skegness Monster’ clip goes viral

A VIDEO of a mysterious sea creature filmed off Skegness beach has become a viral internet phenomenon with nearly 800,000 views since its upload just over a fortnight ago.

Following the Standard’s first report about the Youtube clip entitled ‘Skegness Monster’ on August 15, the video has now been seen by internet users from as far flung destinations as Russia, Japan and Thailand.

While some have dismissed the footage as fake, others have speculated about what creature it could be, with suggestions ranging from dolphins and killer whales, through to a submarine’s periscope, submitted on the comments board.

The video was shot by London resident Rebecca Clarke while visiting friends in Skegness on August 11. She has been astounded and surprised by the phenomenal rate at which it has spread to become an international web sensation.

As previously reported, marine experts at the National Aquarium in Portsmouth have identified the creature as one or two basking sharks, which though rarely seen off the Lincolnshire coast, are not unheard of.