Skegness lifeboat crew in mock wind farm evacuation

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Skegness RNLI’s volunteer lifeboat crew had the opportunity for some valuable training as they joined forces with one of the vessels that maintains the wind turbines off the Lincolnshire coast.

Centrica Energy’s Lynn, Inner Dowsing and Lincs wind farms consist of 129 turbines, each almost 150m tall and providing enough power to supply over 300,000 households.

A fleet of ‘Windcat’ support vessels from Grimsby provide them maintenance support.

The Skegness all-weather lifeboat Lincolnshire Poacher launched last weekend having been given details of a simulated incident, on wind farm support vessel Windcat 33, working on a turbine six miles east of the resort.

The lifeboat made her way towards turbine LS23 and the simulated casualty requiring medical attention and evacuation back to Skegness Hospital.

The crews of both boats practised securing the casualty (a life-sized dummy) in a stretcher and transferring them to the lifeboat, with both vessels alongside.

Coxswain Ray Chapman said: “This was a great opportunity for both crews to practise evacuating injured personal from the turbines and it all went very 

“Fortunately, wind farm teams are well trained, so real incidents are extremely rare, but it’s always good to be prepared for a worst case scenario.”

Skegness’ volunteer crew launch twice monthly for training.

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