Skegness Library turns back clock with exhibition

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In 1881 a reading room and library opened at the junction of Lumley Road and Rutland Road and a small charge was made for admittance.

George Morley opened the first Skegness chemist shop in 1874 in a wooden hut in the high Street.

When Lumley Road was constructed a few years later, he moved to number 54.

In 1902 Mr Morley also ran a lending library from his chemist shop and this was the humble beginnings of Skegness Library, as we know it today.

On Saturday, February 8, Skegness Library celebrated National Library Day with a mini exhibition on the history of Libraries in Skegness.

The exhibition generated a lot of interest with the library having a really busy day, with over a hundred more customers than usual.

A Skegness library spokesperson said: “The exhibition was well received by the public and it became a talking point throughout the day with many of the older library users reminiscing, and the younger library users really interested in the old photographs of the town”.

The exhibition was put together using information and photographs from the libraries own local studies collection.

On Friday, February 7, the library held activities for children to take part in designing book jackets for their favourite books.

They also provided users with crib sheets on how to access online resources including digital magazines which are proving popular.

The library received many nice comments from library users, saying: ‘we love using Skegness library because we are always made to feel welcome and the staff and services are brilliant’ and ‘we love visiting the library because we love taking part in the activities, and the variety of books and information you can access is fantastic’.