Skegness landlords in despair as pub floods again

A Skegness pub is counting the cost after heavy rain flooded the carpark causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage in a cellar.

Landlord of the Welcome Inn, Tommy Chrysospomov, stayed up all last Tuesday night operating a sud pump trying to prevent water damaging stock in the cellar.

However his wife, Clare, said that in spite of their efforts, water still managed to seep into the dry cellar, ruining the Christmas and Hallowe’en decorations.

She said: “They are not cheap decorations. It’s going to be a huge cost to replace them because we always want to the pub to look nice over Christmas and Hallowe’en.

“We’ve spent a lot on refurbishing the pub over the 10 years we’ve been here but I have to say this has knocked the stuffing out of us because we get flooded every time it rains.”

Although the pub didn’t close, customers had to walk over palattes to get to the entrance.

The last time the car park flooded as bad as this was in April last year but Mrs Chrysospomov said it has happened frequently over the years.

The Chrysospomovs believe repairs by pub owners Punch Tavern in the past just have not been sufficient.

Mrs Chrysospomov said: “Punch Taverns brought us some sandbags but having those in the front is surely a health and safety hazard. After all the rent we’ve paid over the years it’s a joke.”

Punch Taverns apologised for the inconvenience and said: “We fully appreciate that this is a frustrating issue for our publican and our customers of the Welcome Inn. Our understanding is that in order to fully solve the problem, the Highways Agency would need to complete a flush out of their drainage system (which the drains from the pub lead too).

“In 2015, we completed works to the carpark of the pub, which included a flush out of the drains and the car park was re-tarmacked. We were led to believe that at this point, the Highways Agency would complete the necessary drainage works, but unfortunately this still hasn’t been completed and we are in constant contact with the Highways Agency to try and get this resolved.

“Contractors have visited site today to drain the water from the carpark and the cellar of the pub, and we will continue to push for the drain owned by the Highways Agency to be flushed out.”