Skegness Labour Coun defects to UKIP for ‘common sense policies’

Skegness Town Coun Danny Brookes
Skegness Town Coun Danny Brookes

Skegness Town Coun Danny Brookes, who represents Winthorpe ward has announced his defection to the UK Independence Party (UKIP) from the Labour Party.

Coun Brookes, who has been a Town Councillor since April 2012 said: “I’ve felt adrift from the Labour party for a while now, and found myself not agreeing with a lot of what they are saying. After speaking with Robin on a few occasions I found that UKIP is a party of common sense policies, a party that expects its councillors to do what is right for there community and its residents - putting people before politics. This is sadly missing from the other political parties.

The Labour party are no longer the party of the working class. Open door immigration is adding pressure on our public services and at the same time the Government are cutting those same services. It just doesn’t make sense and only UKIP are prepared to tackle the real issues.”

UKIP Coun Robin Hunter-Clarke who is the County Councillor for Skegness South and also a Town Councillor representing Winthorpe Ward, said: “I am delighted to welcome Coun Danny Brookes to UKIP. He is an excellent, dedicated, hard working Councillor and will be a great addition to the growing team. This news further proves that UKIP is a party made up of people who really care about their country and their community. These next 14 months are a crucial time for our party and together working with the people of Skegness, we hope to cause an earthquake in British politics otherwise nothing will ever change.”