Skegness hotelier shocked at beer snub

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An Italian based beer company appears to have rejected Skegness as a place to stock its premium booze believing it to be too pricy for the clientele the town attracts.

Derek Bain, who has just taken over The Crown Hotel, which opened three weeks ago, is hoping to breathe back life into the site and hoped to stock Peroni, a premium alcohol on draft to suit the golf enthusiasts visiting the Seacroft area and course.

“A representative took one look around and said it wasn’t the type it could be sold from,” said Derek Bain,

Not only was The Crown not good enough but also the town Derek claims, he said: “I asked where else or what other business in the town had been stocked and they said no-one,” he added.

It is thought at least two other pubs have been turned down for getting the beer on draft in the town.

So bemused by Peroni Nastro Azzurro’s treatment, Derek looked to other similar towns which the beer is stocked and found Blackpool had two venues

“I think that’s a worse area, it is more down market and has more dilapidated building,” explained Derek.

However Derek finds it astonishing that Batemans Brewery, a Wainfleet based company has been supplying mocha infused alcohol to Italy - a country famous for its coffee, he said: “It’s funny that they will be supplied with Skegness alcohol but won’t let us have the Peroni,” he added.

A spokesperson from Peroni said: “Draught installation is not right for every outlet. We match our products to pubs, bars and restaurants to ensure that our brands are always served to consumers at the highest quality.”