Skegness couple holding fundraiser in support of stroke charity

Barry and Pam pictured at a relative's wedding a little over two years ago.
Barry and Pam pictured at a relative's wedding a little over two years ago.

A Skegness couple are holding a fundraiser in support of a stroke charity after the wife was struck by the condition twice in a matter of weeks.

Barry and Pam Ormrod are staging the charity gala cabaret evening next week following the events of last year.

In the summer, The Standard reported on a fete the couple held in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support having both lost loved ones to cancer.

Two weeks after the event, Pam, 53, had a stroke; seven weeks later she had another.

Speaking of the first stroke, Barry, 59, said: “Two years ago my wife had a TIA (transient ischaemic attack or mini stroke), so when she got the symptoms I took her straight to Skegness Hospital.

“The staff there recognised it as a full blown stroke and sent for an ambulance to take her, blue lights flashing, to Pilgrim Hospital. Halfway there Pam heard the paramedic say to the driver ‘put your foot down, she’s going downhill.”

Pam, a former childminder, received treatment in time so that the effects were, in Barry’s words, ‘not as bad as they could have been’. She was left with weakness down her right-hand side and unable to walk or pick up a pen.

“[The second stroke] attacked the part of the brain that produces the chemical that keeps you happy and caused deep depression that she’s still fighting with anti-depressants and counselling,” Barry continued. “It’s now six months on and physically she’s making fantastic progress although still walking slowly with a stick and has to use a mobility scooter when out and about.”

Next Friday’s event will be held in support of The Stroke Association and Macmillan Cancer Support. It will take place at The Crown Hotel, in Drummond Road, Skegness, from 7pm to midnight, and feature performances by Marty Wilson and Mike Warwick, and a two-course dinner.

Tickets, priced at £25, from 01754 899855.