Skegness company plays vital role in supplying parts to F1 teams

Past and present members of the Skegness Springs team. NA
Past and present members of the Skegness Springs team. NA

As F1 drivers vie for supremacy on the track few of the watching millions worldwide know the vital part played by a Skegness engineering company.

Skegness Springs has, for more than 20 years, been supplying leading F1 teams with components that are tested to destruction at speeds of more than 200mph.

Behind the high octane excitement, glamorous locations and champagne celebrations of the winner’s rostrum, F1 is an engineering contest off the track with Skegness Springs one of a 
select group of parts suppliers to the F1 teams.

Skegness Springs make up a handful of around 5,000 parts in racing cars driven by the likes of Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button.

Specialist high performance springs are also made for the F1 engine manufacturers, World Rally teams and luxury car makers.

The multi-use parts are made to order at the company’s base on Hassall Road.

Joint managing director David Johnson said: “Our springs are used for pretty well everything, the engine, gearbox and wheels.

“I am very proud to think a little company in Skegness makes these parts for the F1 cars that whizz round in front of millions of people every couple of weeks. They are being tested right to the peak of the engineering challenge.

“The average racing car contains 30 or 40 springs; we make around 2,000 each year for the F1 teams and 11,000 on the engine side.

“There are design variations made throughout the season. It is a process of constant change.”

The firm, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, began its involvement with motor racing after supplying Cosworth Engineering in 1988.

It now employs 19 people and makes around 250,000 springs a year, used in everything from farm machinery and artificial limbs to deep-sea diving equipment, for export all over the world.

Set up by David’s father Peter, Skegness Springs was originally based in Church Lane, Winthorpe.

It emerged from a business located in London and Hertfordshire, called Pocklington and Johnson founded by David’s grandfather in 1925.