Skegness coastal sand clearing group to start next week

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Local community group Coastal Access For All (CAFA) will be starting their programme of clearing sand from our coastal pathways over the next few weeks.

CAFA is working with the Skegness street team this year to keep the coastal walkways and beaches clean and a safe places for all to enjoy.

On Tuesday, March 25 and Monday 26, a hired bobcat, driven by a council driver will clear sand on Sea View Walk in Skegness.

On April 1 and 2, the same will happen on Miners Walk from the View Pub in winthorpe, up to the Lookout Pub.

Paul Marshall of CAFA said: “Sand on walkways hinders wheelchair and mobility Scooter users from getting out and about along our coast and it also makes it difficult for families with pushchairs and Cyclists.”

Saturday April 5 is the groups ‘Spring Clean-up Day’.

This is the first of four events in the year, where volunteers come together to make a difference along the coast line.

Volunteers will ensure walkways are completely clear of sand and also remove any litter from the beach.

Using litter pickers, rubbish will be collected and bagged, ensuring that nothing remains on the beach that can harm wildlife or humans.

Volunteers in Skegness will meet on the April 5 outside the X-Site skatepark at the north end of North Parade at 10am and in Winthorpe, volunteers will meet near the View Pub and Coast Watch Tower at the sea end of winthorpe Avenue also at 10am

The event will last for just three hours, but any time you can give the group will be appreciated. More information about the groups work and events can be found on their website or on their Facebook group page: We Want Coastal Access For All.