Skegness Child Safety Week event


An advice team will be visiting Butlins, Skegness on Sunday for a Child Safety Week event.

Members of Lincolnshire County Council’s Public Health Accident Prevention team will be at the holiday park on Roman Bank from 9am to 5pm. Part of the ‘Morning Mayhem’ campaign, the event is designed to reduce the risk of accident at the most dangerous time of day.

The team will be giving out free blind cleats which stow away dangerous blind cords to prevent strangulation and money off vouchers for cycle helmets.

Parents and children will have the chance to take the ‘Bitrex’ taste test. Bitrex is a bitter tasting substance added to poisonous household products, the taste is so foul that children will spit out the product before swallowing.

Helene Denness, speciality registrar in public health, said: “Hot drinks, hair straighteners and busy roads are just some of the dangers families face during the morning when everyone is getting ready for work and school.

“There are other more hidden dangers at home too, such as carbon monoxide poisoning. During Child Safety Week we’ll be on hand across Lincolnshire to offer information on all these risks and more, advising on the safety measures which can be put in place to avoid serious injuries and accidents.”

In 2013, 1,964 children and young people under 18 were admitted to hospital due to injury in Lincolnshire. This Child Safety Week, Lincolnshire County Council is calling on families to battle morning mayhem and help stop accidents at home during the busiest time of day.

Top safety tips: Put hair straighteners out of reach of children – they can reach 235 degrees. That’s hotter than Sunday roast oven.

Keep tablets and medicines in a locked cupboard away from children

Look for cleaning products that contain Bitrex as this makes them taste really nasty so a child will spit it out.

Fit a carbon monoxide alarm, and never block air vents

Blind cords can cause strangulation, buy a blind without a cord or stow cords away with a blind cleat

Never leave children alone with pets, no matter how well you know your animal.