Skegness Beach Stadium’s community benefits

The stadium planned for Skegness beach will create dozens of jobs, a longer visitor season and free access to many exciting events, its developers say.

Key figures behind the project, yesterday outlined the community benefits the 2,040 seater stadium was expected to bring.

The first national beach sport stadium could be built in Skegness.

The first national beach sport stadium could be built in Skegness.

Skegness Beach Stadium Ltd CEO Gary Shepherd said:”It’s quite obvious we are going to need to employ people and people are going to stay here so the hotels are going to be used more - that’s a plus for everyone.”

As the home of English beach soccer, hosting league matches, tournaments and international fixtures, it is hoped the venture will also provide sporting opportunities for children.

Skegness Grammar School students have already taken the opportunity to train with the England team as they prepare for an international tournament in Thailand later this month and Mr Shepherd says other schools will be invited to use the facility, if it goes ahead.

England manager David Jones also said there could be non-sporting opportunities for youngsters to take part in the entertainment aspects of beach soccer games.

DJs, dancers and cheerleaders are all a major feature of the sport, which Mr Jones believes would be a perfect outlet for young musicians and performers in the town - Janice Sutton Dance Studio students have already embraced the opportunity by cheerleading at the England team’s training session this morning.

Mr Jones said: “It’s a massive opportunity for kids out there.”

Although the stadium is hoped to enhance beach soccer’s national reputation, Mr Shepherd says it will also host a wide range of other events for visitors and locals to enjoy.

Music concerts, open air cinema screenings and SO Festival performances have all been suggested as potential uses, many of which are expected to be free-entry.

“The opportunities beyond the sporting side of things is very exciting,” he said.

Mr Shepherd also believes the enhanced events programme would appeal to new demographics and attract a younger clientele to the resort.