Skegness-based Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre sees surge in demand

A HOLIDAY centre for disadvantaged children is already oversubscribed for the current season - meaning many needy youngsters will be turned away.

Staff at the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre, Skegness, have attributed the surge in demand to the economic downturn and reports of the positive effect the centre has on its young visitors.

Fund raising manager David Harris said: “We realise that there’s a need for what we do, and that need is getting more and more with the recession.

“We would like to support all the children that are nominated but currently that is not possible.”

The centre offers five day breaks to 406 children nominated by schools or social workers as worthy recipients of a recuperative getaway.

Already this year it has received requests to provide holidays to 560 youngsters - many of whom will have to be turned away.

Significant numbers of those attending the holiday centre come from impoverished backgrounds, while others are offered a place as respite from their duties caring for a sick or terminally ill parent.

As well as offering a much needed break to the children and their parents, staff at the centre also try and teach the children about responsibility and team building.

Secretary Paul Smith believes the positive impact of time spent at the centre has also led to the increased demand.

“We find that we get some very good feedback - schools tell us the children come back and improve their behaviour and their approach to what they are doing,” he said.

With each holiday costing £330 per child and additional running costs - the centre has overheads of £150,000 a year.

To match the current levels of demand staff estimate they would need an additional minibus and a further £100,000 a year.

All money comes from donations and fund raisers, from individuals and corporation.

- To donate contact David on 01332 781821.