Skegness arrival for ‘Veteran Aid’ Eddie

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A former soldier, walking the entire coast of Britain arrived in Skegness this morning as he continued his epic journey which will see him travel over 11,000 miles on foot raising money for ex-serviceman and women.

Eddie Craven began his journey three months ago from Exmouth in Exeter and has so far travelled the entire south coast.

So far he has witnessed tornados and sheltered from thunderstorms as he continued up the coast walking anti-clockwise toward the wash.

The 39-year-old former soldier from Huddersfield served for five years with the Duke of Wellington’s Yorkshire Regiment and saw active service in Bosnia and Northern Ireland in 1994 and 1995 respectively.

He suffered Post Traumatic Stress disorder after finishing his service and the inspiration for Eddie’s journey comes from wanting to raise awareness of the problems suffered by himself and a lot of ex servicemen and women, after overcoming and surviving them himself.

After a previous failed attempt, Eddie now feels ready and compelled to make a difference to the lives of others who have served or are still serving in the military by raising money for Veteran’s Aid.

Eddie said: “If I hadn’t received help from a Royal British Legion care worker myself after becoming disassociated from society, I would be dead.”

“Small charities like Veteran Aid need more backing, as it is imperative that all serving and ex servicemen and women are supported.” He added.

Support has been good after Eddie has had help getting more publicity and as he neared Skegness, people have been honking horns, people have stopped to offer him drinks and Eddie was bought a few pints as he travelled through Wainfleet.

With increased press, as well as setting up a website to raise funds, Eddie has more than tripled the £80 (The cost of his walking boots) raised in his first 600 miles.

Eddie received a heroes welcome from Skegness’s mayor Jim Carpenter and staff at the Chatsworth Hotel, who kindly offered accommodation after been given a welcome breakfast at the Light Bite’s Cafe, Roman Bank.

After a well earned wash and rest, Eddie will continue his journey tomorrow, heading towards Mablethorpe then Grimsby.

Skegness mayor Jim Carpenter said: “It’s good to see someone taking the time to put up with the elements to raise awareness for a good cause. It’s amazing what lengths people will go to to help people who put their lives at risk for the country.”

If you would like to help Eddie raise funds and awareness for Veteran Aid visit: and for more info.