Skegness arcades stop young gambling

Skegness Pier. ANL-161009-131514001
Skegness Pier. ANL-161009-131514001

Teenagers were refused access to gaming machines in Skegness arcades in a test operation run by the police and East Lindsey District Council.

Volunteers under 18 visited Harris Amusements, Coinsville, Copperama, Ling’s Amusements, Tower Casino, Luck Strike, Plaza Amusements, Funland and Skegness Pier, and attempted to play the age restricted gaming machines. Staff from each of the premises approached the youngsters and prevented them playing and asked them to leave.

East Lindsey District Council’s Licensing Compliance Officer, Neil Brooks said: “We have worked closely with the Gambling Commission and gambling premises to share good practice to help ensure compliance. This work appears to have had a significant impact as this year’s test operation has produced 100 per cent pass rate in Skegness. The protection of children and vulnerable adults is one of the important licensing objectives.

“We endeavour to assist the gaming industry to operate and thrive as much as possible along our coastal strip whilst still ensuring that children cannot be adversely affected by gambling.”