Skegness Academy student’s tribute to our war heroes

A proud mum has shared a poem her 17-year-old daughter wrote to honour our war heroes for Remembrance Day.

Angie Sloane posted the poem for her daughter, Danielle, who attends Skegness Academy, on the Skegness Standard Facebook page asking us to share it.

Teenager Danielle Sloane has written a poem as a tribute to our brave war heroes. ANL-171011-130837001

Mrs Sloane, of Chapel St Leonards, said: “I know this isn’t news but I just wanted to share this poem. It was written by my daughter last year for Remembrance Day.

“I’m so proud of it, I think it’s amazing that it came from a 16-year-old’s mind. I hope you like it as much as I do.”

We do, thank you Angie - and we hope our readers like it too.


Skegness Academy student Danielle Sloane wrote a moving poem to honour our war heroes last year when she was aged 16. Her mum Angie has shared it with Skegness Standard readers. ANL-171011-133441001

Beneath the dark and musky sky,

Soldiers watch as comrades die,

Bombs and guns and heavy feet,

Leave the field all warn and beat

Among the bodies a flower grew,

Its roots fresh and the petals new,

The purest flower now stands red,

To commemorate all the dead

In a field once filled with life,

Now lays the dead in the afterlife,

All that remains is that one lonely flower,

Standing proud and tall, too brave to cower

And now to this day that flower is known,

As the one who survived in that war zone,

Nothing will ever be able to copy,

The memorable power of the poppy

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