Six charged after police drugs operation in Skegness

News from the courts ANL-171019-151707001
News from the courts ANL-171019-151707001

Six people have been charged with Class A drug-related offences in Skegness.

As part of an on-going targeted operation in Skegness, officers have made further arrests for the offence of consipiracy to supply diamorphine (Heroin). As part of this investigation six people will appear before Boston Magistrates Court on April 4.

The operation, which aims to address concerns raised by the community, is being undertaken by local officers including Neighbourhood Policing and the Crime Investigation Department. Pooling their expertise and intelligence from the local community they aim to reduce the supply and possession of drugs in the town.

The charges follow an enforcement day on Tuesday 27 Feb in Skegness.

The following people have been charged with conspiracy to supply diamorphine between April 6, 2017 and September 12 2017 at Skegness, which is contrary to Section 1(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1977:

- Paul Steven WILKINSON, aged 40, from Hudson Way, Skegness

- Aaron Frazer VERHEUL, aged 35, from Swallowfields Court, Skegness

- Lauren COOPER, aged 31, from Swallowfields Court, Skegness

- Jonathan HARDIMAN, aged 48, from Ida Road, Skegness

- Derek HICKS, aged 43, of no fixed address. Derek Hicks has also been charged with theft from Aldi on 11 February

- Kevin HISLOP, aged 38, from West End, Spilsby