Shops get warning over illegal booze sales at Ingoldmells

Police seizing illegal wine from The Grocery Store.
Police seizing illegal wine from The Grocery Store.

Two shop in Ingoldmells stocked wine that police believe was smuggled into the country.

Police seized more than 370 bottles in raids on A K News and The Grocery Shop at Hardy’s Camp – and tests revealed the bottles were incorrectly labelled and not of the alcoholic content displayed on the labels.

Police say the owner of The Grocery Shop in Sea Lane, Ingoldmells, admitted buying the wine from the back of a van from an unknown man – and selling it to the owner of A K News.

Owners of both shops were effectively given ‘yellow cards’ at a licensing hearing held by East Lindsey District Council on Thursday.

Police sergeant Kimble Enderby said: “The decision of the Licensing Committee, whilst it takes into account the previous good character of the stores, is a strict warning regarding their future conduct.

“The warning indicates they are both effectively on probation and any future transgression may result in the suspension of the premises licence.”