SHOP LOCAL FEATURE: There’s plenty for all

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Local retailers make up the backbone of our high streets and they all deserve support in this time of austerity and increasing competition from online businesses and multi-national corporate traders.

It may be easy to order at the click of a mouse but what you don’t get via the internet is the feel and texture, or smell and aroma, of the goods you see on screen.

Neither does the internet offer the diversity of a real town character and some of the unique and everyday products from a varety of bespoke shops or market stalls where the hustle and bustle of a busy day in town can lift the lowest of spirits on the darkest of days.

More than that, shopping locally means that the cash in your pocket goes back into your community and helps to keep our town centres 

Hildreds Shopping centre in Skegness prides itself on being ‘The Heart of Shopping in Skegness’ and its easy to see why with well-known stores to browse and somewhere to grab a cuppa afterwards.

And if you really can’t avoid the internet, then free WiFi is available so you can tell your friends on Facebook or Twitter the bargains found in the real town centre