Sheena’s ‘bushtucker’ trial for Children in Need

Sheena Dawes during the bushtucket type trial at the George Hotel, Spilsby.
Sheena Dawes during the bushtucket type trial at the George Hotel, Spilsby.

A brave employee certainly did something ‘crazy’ for this year’s Children in Need by sitting down to a plate full of nasties during Spilsby’s very own ‘bushtucker’ type trial.

Sheena Dawes a cleaner at the George Hotel, Spilsby, managed to raise £860 on Saturday when she devoured all sorts of horrible and non-conventional foods.

Sheena, who does something ‘crazy’ for Children in Need each year, ate a variety of pig parts, including brains, penis and scrotum with gusto as pub punters, watched in amazement.

“It went really, really well - I wasn’t sick!” joked Sheena on Monday.

“I did a lot better than I thought and people know I’ll do anything for the children,” she added.

Inspired by ITV’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’s bushtucker trial, Sheena also was served up the grub by Michelle Benton and Amy Paul.

“I ate live crickets, a dry one, a mystery one which turned out to be cat food and that tasted the best out of the lot,” she said.

The menu also included a pig’s tail and pig’s ear and a smoothie, plus many more.

“This one lad thought he could drink it [smoothie] and downed some of it but he was sick,” said Sheena.

Last year, Sheena raised money for charity by sitting in a bath of beans and thought what better way to rise to an even bigger challenge this year than by eating platefuls of horrible things.

“Victor Benton announced what I was eating and everyone seemed to enjoy it,” added Sheena.

Sheena says she is still ‘feeling fine’ after her meal out with a difference and says she would do it again to help needy children in the country.

If anyone would still like to support Sheena and donate to Children in Need pop into the George Hotel.