Sewage smells causing issues in coastal village


Smells from a sewage works are still causing problems in Ingoldmell despite a £1 million investment programme to treat the problem, according to residents.

Odour from the Anglian Water plant has been an issue for more than 25 years.

However, the company insist that money spent on odour dosing units has led to a significant reduction in the problem in recent years.

Ingoldmells parish councillor Jean Ellis acknowledged that improvements had been made but called for more to be done.

Coun Ellis said: “There has been an improvement over the last two years, but the smell is still a problem. It can get so horrific I have to close the windows even during the summer.”

The issue is due to be debated at a forthcoming meeting of Lincolnshire County Council Environment Scrutiny Committee later this month.

Executive councillor for the environment Colin Davie said: “I am pleased with the investment made, but would like to see a long term solution.

“The problem is nothing like as bad as it was a few years ago, but the company may still need to look long term at the plant and pipe network.”

Anglian Water has been holding meetings with residents to discuss the problem for more than two years.

Media relations manager Emma Staples said: “It’s very difficult for us to act if people do not tell us they are unhappy. It’s vitally important we have specific information, such as the time, date and location when the odour is noticed, so that we can pinpoint the issues and deal with 

“Another meeting is already scheduled for the summer, we hope people will come if they have matters to discus, People can get in touch by using the pre-paid cards, emailing or calling 03457 145 145. Our call centre team is aware and will ensure any odour complaints that come in are flagged straight away.”