Seal Watch: Natureland kept busy as more rescues arrive

Zara in the seal hospital.
Zara in the seal hospital.

Staff and volunteers at Natureland Seal Sanctuary, Skegness have had their work cut out recently as grey seal populations at the Donna Nook Nature Reserve are giving birth to the next generation of seal pups at an astonishingly fast rate.

There have been an abnormally high number of lungworm cases amongst newborn pups, and workers have been on hand to help rescue any sick, injured and abandoned pups who have washed up on local beaches.

Their recent arrival has been making steady progress and has just finished her course of antibiotics to get rid of the nasty parasites infecting her lungs. The sanctuary have named her Zara after Zara Phillips and believe that she will be back in the water in no time.

And she has company following further arrivals in recent weeks, including one who was discovered at Chapel Six Marshes on 18th November and was, like so many other newborn seal pups, suffering from lungworm.

“He was admitted to the seal hospital and given the worming injection, warm bath and antibiotics together with daily vitamins hidden inside his fish,” said the sanctuary’s Duncan Yeadon.

“He is progressing well so far and has been christened Ben after Ben Ainslie, another Olympic champ!”

Elsewhere, rescued pups Chris,Greg, Jess, Rebecca, Victoria and Wiggins are all making a fantastic recovery and staff are hoping to release them back to sea as soon as possible.

Dame Kelly has been going from strength to strength and will be fighting fit in no time.

At such a busy time of the year and with Christmas just around the corner, the staff and volunteers have been working their socks off to keep the sanctuary running throughout the winter season.

Closing for just three days a year (Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day) means 24-hour round the clock care and attention must be paid to their residents, but the hard working staff have made it possible for the animals to be both healthy and happy in their home by providing them with a safe, warm and comfortable place to live.