Santa Run offers gift of life to pupils in Skegness

November is Row-vember for the David Ross Education Trust's rowing cup, ''Picture: Chris Vaughan Photography ANL-181123-151304001
November is Row-vember for the David Ross Education Trust's rowing cup, ''Picture: Chris Vaughan Photography ANL-181123-151304001

A Skegness school will be donning Santa outfits in a bit to encourage families to keep fit following alarming statistics regarding child obesity.

Skegness Grammar School will be taking part in the annual charity Santa Fun Run next month - and they will be encouraging their families and even their dogs to take part.

This is one way schools within the David Ross Trust are responding to concerns enarly 7,000 children and young adults under 25 with type 2 diabetes in England and Wales - about 10 times the number reported before.

This follows analysis of 2016-17 data Public Health England which found that 9.5 per cent of reception year and 19.3 per cent of year six children in the East Midlands region were obese.

The PE Curriculum within Skegness Grammar School offers students two hours of practical PE Lessons each week and GCSE/A level students one hour practical sessions a week. These sessions include the traditional sports of Netball, Football, Hockey & Rugby, but also covered Health related fitness sessions, Badminton, Table tennis and gymnastics for both our female and male students. These sessions include circuit training, interval training and aerobic exercise. Hopefully, by offering this alternative fitness regime, students who find it difficult to engage in traditional sport find the alternative training of more benefit to them, they engage more and reap the benefits of exercise in this way. At SGS there is also a detailed PSHME programme. This programme has a high focus on healthy eating and lifestyle changes to benefit our students Personal, Social and Mental health.

Sarah-Jayne Smith, Sports Enrichment Officer at Skegness Grammar, said not all children enjoy mainstream sports and the school was forever looking at other ways to encourage students to be active.

“That is why we are taking part in the Santa Fun Run and encouraging other health related activities, such as aerobics at a local gym.

“This month it’s Row-vember, where we set a rowing challenge where the fasted will compete in a cup competition at Grantham Meres Leisure Centre.

“You’ll always find a handful of students who are less active or obese for a number of reasons. Here at David Ross Trust we like to give students incentives to keep fit. It’s just finding something they enjoy.”