SALEBY CRASH TRIAL: Mablethorpe pensioner tells of horror collision that killed his wife

Lincoln Crown Court. EMN-150525-091113001
Lincoln Crown Court. EMN-150525-091113001

A pensioner has told of the horror of a head-on smash in which his wife was killed.

Alan Thomas was driving his wife Jean together with his daughter and her son back to his home in Mablethorpe when his vehicle was involved in the collision on the A1104 at Snape Hill near Alford, a jury at Lincoln Crown Court was told.

In a statement read to the jury Mr Thomas said he first saw the other vehicle when he went over the brow of a hill and was approaching a left hand bend.

He said “I remember seeing the Vauxhall Corsa travelling in the opposite direction. It didn’t seem to be speeding.

“The driver looked very young. The back end of the Corsa was swinging from side to side. I knew straight away the Corsa was out of control. The driver looked terrified. I could see his hands on the wheel trying to control the vehicle.

“The Corsa suddenly swerved towards my car and I heard a couple of loud bangs. I was fully on my side of the road. I have no further memories of the collision”.

Mrs Thomas, 70, together with a passenger in the Corsa, Matthew Ellis, 16, both died in the collision and a number of passengers in both vehicles were injured.

Mr Thomas was seriously injured suffering bleeding of the brain, a fractured neck and a number of fractured ribs. He spent 10 days in hospital.

The driver of the Corsa, Aron Baker, is accused of causing the collision on the afternoon of Good Friday 2014.

The jury at Lincoln Crown Court has been told that Baker, who had past his test just three months before the incident, was on a day out to the seaside with three friends when he collided with an oncoming vehicle near Alford.

Jeremy Janes, prosecuting, said that Baker and his friends initially drove to Cleethorpes and then made their way to Mablethorpe where they stopped off for food and to play on the arcades. The fatal collision occurred on the A1104 at Snape Hill as they headed for Skegness.

Mr Janes told the jury “Nobody is suggesting that when he set out on for a trip to the seaside with three of his friends that this defendant intended any of the consequences which occurred that afternoon. We do not say that this was a deliberate bad piece of driving.

“His driving, the prosecution say, fell below the standard that would be expected of any ordinary competent driver even for but a minute, if that is all it took. He lost control of his vehicle. It resulted in the death of one of his friends in his car and the death of Jean Thomas , a front seat passenger in a car being driven by her husband in the opposite direction.

“The prosecution don’t suggest he was speeding. His speed was probably in the region of 47 mph.

“He had only passed his test in January of last year, a matter of two to three months before this incident.

“He lost control of his car and went into the front corner of Mr Thomas’s car. The results were catastrophic. There were two dead. Everyone else received significant injuries. There were a number of broken limbs, a number of cuts. Some of them had to be cut out of their respective vehicles.”

Aron Baker, 18, of Steeping Court, Lincoln, denies two charges of causing death by careless driving on 18 April 2014.

The trial continues.