Sad end for washed-up starfish

THOUSANDS of dead starfish have been seen washed-up along the coastline of Chapel St Leonards beach - but the cause is unknown.

Over the past few weeks, visitors to the beach have seen the poor creatures being left high and dry on the sand after being washed ashore from the sea.

Dave Miller, Coastal Action Zone Ranger for Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, said: “This does happen from time-to-time and the causes can vary, It can be down to strong offshore winds, cycle events, weather conditions and more. We hope to continue to gather evidence to find out why this might happen.”

And it seems more sea inhabitants have joined the orange graveyard this week with reports of large numbers of sunstars and sea anemones joining the starfishes’ sad end.

Dave added: “I have also received reports of large numbers of sunstars and sea anemones being washed up over the Easter weekend which suggests to me of stormy conditions offshore.”

A beach combing event also took place at the weekend which Gibratar Point carries out regularly to find out more about the coastlines of the area.

l This reader’s photograph shows some of the starfish.