Ryan Speaks for first time since collision

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Teenage road traffic victim Ryan Smith, continues to astound hospital staff, friends, family and well-wishers with his astonishing recovery.

On Friday, November 22, Ryan took another massive step forward in his battle for health when father Mark Smith witnessed the 16-year-old speak for the first time in four months.

Ryan was knocked off his bike during the summer after not wearing a cycle helmet, fearing it would ‘mess-up his hair-style’ and collided with a van on July 22, leaving him in a coma.

Prior to the teenager’s move to a specialist hospital in Tadworth, Surrey, where he began his next stage of specialist treatment, on Monday, (November 26), Ryan gifted Lincoln County Hospital staff on Ashby Ward, his sister, mother and father Mark, the latest instalment of his remarkable progress, by talking.

After visiting Ryan’s bedside, father Mark Smith said: “Oh my god, I just drove back from Ashby Ward, teary eyed. However this time with so much joy and pride. Mum, Rach and I, have just witnessed our miracle Ryan speak!”

And Ryan’s latest improvement was no fluke, as supportive father Mark, who now heads a campaign promoting safer cycling said: “I asked him to say, ‘hello’, and he took a deep breath and said ‘hello’ back.

“After jumping around for ten minutes I composed myself and thought I’d push my luck and ask him to say ‘dad’. Oh my god, he said ‘dad’!

“Then, [his mother] asked for a ‘Mum’, and he said ‘mum’. Not felt so happy for so long. What a fantastic gift to all the wonderful staff at Ashby Ward - your efforts have been rewarded, thank you so, so much.”

After overseeing Ryan’s first night at Tadworth Children’s Unit in preparation for his first full day on Monday, November 26, Mark said: “Ryan is now settled in to his new home now bless him. Lots of questions asked about our blonde warrior by the teams here. Really friendly staff, and the place is amazing.”

As Ryan continues to defy the odds, over 20,000 of the 100,000 people needed have now signed the petition for a discussion to take place in parliament to make cycling helmets a legal requirement.

Ryan’s progress has also recently extended to him beginning to write again as he increases his levels of communication.

A recent event, where people were invited to a screening of Ryan’s favourite film, ‘Iron Man 3’, at the Tower Cinema, Skegness, raised £230 for the cause and future planned events include a winter ball, held at the North Shore Hotel, on Saturday, January 25, for which organisers would like to appeal for help in finding a DJ who can provide necessary entertainment.

A Team Smith spokesperson said: “Please take the time to sign the petition found at www.ryansmithfoundation.org and prevent this from happening to your loved ones. Remember to confirm your email address. Thank you all for your continued support”.