Ryan Smith log’s in to improve communication

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Local teenager Ryan Smith, injured in a road cycle collision last summer, has made another encouraging step forward in his recovery.

Posting on the Ryan Smith Foundation’s official Facebook page, on January 29, Ryan’s family announced how the teenager signed into his own account, remembering his own password and posted a message.

In November last year, Ryan’s level of responsiveness improved enough to no longer be classed as ‘coma’ status and this latest development shows another improved level of communication for Ryan.

“The fact he can use his iPad again is amazing”, they said.

Another sign of positivity came when the family reported Ryan saying he had eaten enough, while his mother and sister helped him eat dinner, with Ryan suffering problems with constant hunger pangs and short-term memory loss.

Ryan had eye tests last week and results were mixed, with Ryan unable to move his eyes up and down.

However, opticians did say this may return and that Ryan’s eyesight was perfect, with no peripheral damage.

Ryan is receiving botox injections in his left arm, the drug used to reduce tone which will hopefully get muscles and tendons stretched out, encouraging movement.

Ryan’s left side is still lacking movement, but Ryan continues to work his right side hard in physiotherapy sessions.

Fatigue is still playing a massive part of everyday activities for Ryan, but his communication is improving.

Meanwhile, the foundation has been chosen by the High Sheriff of Lincolnshire to receive an award, in recognition of services to the community.

“This is testament to all the hard work put in by the team regarding our education campaign, promoting safer cycling”, said Mark.