Ryan Smith foundation angered by Government response

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Supporters of the Ryan Smith campaign to promote safer cycling have reacted angrily to an email sent from the government today, regarding their stance on the e-petition ‘Please make cycling helmets a legal requirement’.

The response states that the e-petition has recently reached 10,904 signatures and a response has been made to this.

However, it says that although the Government encourages the use of cycle helmets, in particular by children, they have “No plans to legislate to introduce mandatory enforcement of cycle helmet wearing.”

Mark Smith, Ryan’s father said: “I won’t stop until we’re heard” and also expressed his annoyance that the Government should send out such a response to those championing the campaign, pre-empting the discussion, when the target of 100,000 signatures needed in order for the matter to provoke a discussion in parliament has not yet been reached.

The Ryan Smith Foundation was set up by Ryan’s family in the summer after the teenager was involved in a collision with a van, while travelling to work in Chapel St Leonards.

He wasn’t wearing a helmet and was left with serious head injuries