Ryan braves winds with pedal power

Ryan Smith pictured out on his  new bike with dad Mark. MSKP-291115-11 ANL-151130-160810001
Ryan Smith pictured out on his new bike with dad Mark. MSKP-291115-11 ANL-151130-160810001

Gale force winds didn’t stop an amazing young man from Chapel St Leonards, who suffered brain injuries in a road accident two years ago, going out for ride on his new bike.

Ryan Smith and his dad, Mark, braved the 30-40mph winds on Sunday to go on a 10-mile round trip from their home to Hogsthorpe.

The bicycle made for two has been specially designed to cater for Ryan’s disabilities and has somewhere for his wheelchair so he can get around when he arrives at his destination.

Mark said: “Ryan’s had the bike now for a month and he loves it. It wasn’t cheap but it’s worth it to see how happy he is getting out and about.

“The wind on Sunday was gusting 60mph at times and we nearly ended up going backwards - but we just laughed it off. We usually go out on a head wind, so we go home with back wind.”

Getting out on his bicycle is another landmark for the 18-year-old cyclist who was left in a coma following a collision with a van in 2013 - while on his bike and not wearing a helmet. He was so weak after coming round he was unable to hold the weight of his own head.

Since then his father and a team of volunteers have been campaigning to raise awareness of the importance of wearing a helmet through the Ryan Smith Foundation, reaching 100 schools and 20,000 children.

Today, six cycling helmets are being presented to underprivileged children in Burgh with funds raised and recently £3,000 was given to the Ashby Ward at Lincoln County Hospital, which played an important part in Ryan’s rehabilitation.

Mark said: “Ryan will never be a 100m runner again - we just aim to give him the best we can. It’s particularly hard for him at the moment because his friends have gone to university or college or started careers and it’s like he’s been left behind. We can’t thank the people who have donated to the Foundation enough.” Visit the Ryan Smith Foundation on Facebook.

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