Row erupts over call to freeze council tax


A row erupted after an East Lindsey councillor called for a freeze on the 2015-16 council tax.

Noting that the authority had underspent in 2013-14, UKIP member Coun Victoria Ayling told a meeting of the audit committee last Wednesday: “My appeal is perfectly legitimate - can give someone give me a straight answer?”

But the query irked Conservative chairman Coun Stuart Watson who saw it as an attempt to gain political advantage.

“This committee is not a political forum, and I am not prepared to put up with any shenanigans,” he replied.

Labour vice-chairman Coun Philip Sturman said the question was premature and should be put on hold until autumn when the authority embarks on its budget-setting process.

The meeting was marked by further clashes between Coun Ayling and the chairman who, at one point, invited her to leave.

Afterwards, the Stickney representative claimed she had been ‘gagged’ and said she would be making an official complaint.