Ron the Gnome takes to the small screen

Ron the Gnome pictured with his collection at Gnome Cottage in Alford.
Ron the Gnome pictured with his collection at Gnome Cottage in Alford.
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An Alford collector was featured in a national television’s documentary last Wednesday which gave viewers’ a glimpse at his haul.

Ron Bloomfield, aka Ron the Gnome, famous for his collection and his cottage which has been turned into a shrine for the happy figurines, was featured on Channel 5’s Excessive and Compulsive Collectors programme last Wednesday from 8pm and repeated again on Thursday.

“I enjoyed watching the programme and seeing what they did with it,” said Ron.

“A few friends have seen it and liked it,” he added.

Although some of the footage was cut out, Ron is thrilled with the programme and thinks his collection will soon reach 1,800.

In the programme he joked that he would like to reach 2,000 gnomes, and then he would be happy.

“There were quite a few jokey parts in it and they paid for me to go down to see The Gnome Reserve in Cornwall for three days,” added Ron.

Ron actually bought two gnomes there and another one was salvaged from a tip by his family for him in St Albans.

“It’s great, not a style I’ve had before and he’s heavy and tall, about two foot six,” he explained.

Other collectors who featured on the show included shoe obsessives, Reborn Doll enthusiasts, Barbie doll lovers, Baked Bean marvels and Hoover stockists.