Rob has appetite for victory in Man vs Burger

Contestants in the Man vs Food contest xEBj_UDO2AxsM6CExAm_
Contestants in the Man vs Food contest xEBj_UDO2AxsM6CExAm_

For most of us it would be more than a mouthful, but Man vs Food winner Rob Arye hadn’t bitten off more than he could chew.

Rob proved he had a more than robust appetite tackling a massive 6oz of beef, 24 slices of cheese and 10oz of bread during the eat off at The Marine Boathouse, Skegness.

Leaving a weight of 3lb 1oz Rob, from Bedale, walked gingerly away from the table winning £200. Skegness lads Dale Lawrence and Stu Bogg finished second and third.

A total of 11 entrants had the stomach for the belly busting challenge including two ladies who responded to an invitation to step up to the plate.

The challenge took place to coincide with the UK Speed Weekend at Skegness Stadium.

Competition organiser Michael Moody runs a catering outlet at the stadium.

Michael said: “Rob surprised us all as he kept on ploughing away, chasing mouthfuls down with a steady procession of vodka oranges.

“I think everybody that took part deserves a massive thanks for being such good sports and entertaining us all. Thank you to the guys at the Marine for their help and to all of our customers over the weekend. There is still £300 on the table for anyone who thinks they can eat all the burger.”