RNLI rescue man ‘in difficulty’ after group spotted jumping off pier foundations

An RNLI lifeguard in action. Credit: Nathan Williams.
An RNLI lifeguard in action. Credit: Nathan Williams.

A man who continued jumping off old pier foundations after being given advice by a lifeguard had to be rescued after getting into difficulty 100 metres from the landmark.

Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) lifeguards rescued the man just after 6pm at Skegness beach yesterday (Tuesday).

A spokesman for the charity said lifeguards were packing away their equipment away at the end of a shift when acting senior RNLI lifeguard Tom Roberts saw four men jumping off the old pier foundations.

He swam over to the group to offer them some safety advice.

The spokesman said three of the men stopped jumping but a fourth man got into difficulty after he dived in and began to struggle around 100 metres from the pier.

Tom immediately assisted the swimmer. He found that he was unconscious and floating up and down below the water’s surface. Using his rescue tube (a long yellow flexible tube that people can grab onto), he secured the casualty and brought him back to the beach.

RNLI lifeguard Joel Foote, who had been closely monitoring the situation from the lifeguard unit, assisted his colleague with first-aid checks and ensured that the man’s airway was clear. They then administered oxygen before placing him in the recovery position.

RNLI lifeguard manager Daniel Cooper said: “The lifeguards had just done an unconscious casualty training exercise the day before and did a brilliant job of putting their life-saving skills into action. It’s testament to their swift actions and the seamless teamwork demonstrated by the paramedics and Skegness Coastguard that the casualty received immediate and professional treatment.

“When people jump or dive from a height into the sea they can’t always see hidden dangers below the surface such as rocks and the depth of the water can also be very deceptive. The best advice is always to swim at a lifeguarded beach between the red and yellow flags.”

Paramedics quickly arrived at the scene and Skegness Coastguard transferred the swimmer on their special stretcher into the awaiting ambulance.

The man was taken to Pilgrim Hospital for further treatment and was later discharged.