Ride victim praises hospital treatment

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ONE of the victims of the Botton’s fairground ride collapse in Skegness has praised the work of Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital in dealing with the injured.

The Surf Rider at the Pleasure Beach on Grand Parade collapsed on Tuesday, August 30, injuring seven people and leaving 22 trapped.

Miraculously no-one suffered life-threatening injuries, and the last of the casualties was released from hospital within 24 hours.

However the potential severity of the initial accident sparked a major emergency response at the hospital

And one of the patients who was treated at hospital has now come forward to priase its staff for their swift and “reasurring” response to the emergency.

The injured woman, Nikita Patel, who broke a small bone in her neck, said: “The response in A&E was really fast.

“The staff kept me up to date with what was happening all the time, they were very reassuring.

“Eeryone was calm and knew exactly what they were doing.

“I received my treatment straight away and knew what would be happening every step of the way. I couldn’t thank them enough.”

The hospital were initially informed that as many as 40 casulaties had been injured in the accident when the first 999 calls came in, and it immediately implemented its major incident plan to ensure it was prepared to respond.

A hospital control centre was set up under ‘Incident Commander’, Jennie Negus, who is also the hospital’s deputy director of patient Services.

Jennie was joined by a team of incident officers to ensure information could be coordinated and the right information was in the right place at the right time.

All wards and departments were informed and trauma teams were ready to receive patients in A&E.

Ultimately only seven injuries required hospital treatment, of which only three required overnight treatment.

Jennie has praised the ‘well-organised, successful response’.

She said: “The response from all staff at Pilgrim Hospital was outstanding.

“Everyone instinctively kn ew what actions to take and immediately prepared their areas to respond to the incident.

“I am extremely proud of all our staff, whether directly involved in the incident or ensuring services continued to operate throughout the hospital.”

Police Inspector Terry Ball has also hailed the work of the hospital.

“The response from all the emergency services was very impressive,” he said.

“Pilgrim Hospital put their major incident plan into action ensuring a very well organised operation where staff and relatives were well informed about each patient.

“This response was a credit to the Boston Pilgrim Hospital and its staff,” he added.