Residents to foot bill for audit in Chapel

Money matters
Money matters

Chapel St Leonards residents will have to fork out for the cost of an audit following allegations of ‘poor behaviour and conduct’.

Michelle Sacks, East Lindsey District Council monitoring officer, addressed the council at a special audit meeting.

After the discussion it was confirmed she told them the following: “It is right that the parish council should pay for this audit as it arises as a result of allegations of poor behaviour and conduct. The time and cost of this audit is significant to the public purse. It is appropriate that the residents of Chapel St Leonards should pay for it. It is not appropriate that East Lindsey residents should pay for it.”

The council was told it was now a golden opportunity for them to be more transparent.

Ms Sacks said: “This is a golden opportunity for the council to embrace these recommendations and not continue to act in a not joined up way. I believe that your conduct issues have arisen from your lack of transparency. What has caused conflict is a lack of procedure and governance leading to poor behaviour by the parish council.

“This is the best opportunity to resolve your conflict issues. To deliver the best outcomes for your community.

“I had several complaints both from parish councillors and members of the public - this should now be a line in the sand. This is your opportunity to become fit for purpose.

“This audit gives you focus, direction and opportunity to put aside discord. Discord should be put to one side for the benefit of the community.”

Chairman of Chapel St Leonards Parish Council Coun Mel Turton-Leiver said it had been a ‘very positive meeting’.

Following the meeting he said: “As a result of this the council has been given a completely clean bill of health on financial metters. Recorded in the report were a series of policies to make the council run more smoothly. All of the recommendations were unanamously agreed by the council. As the chairman I now look forward to leading the council in a positive manner.”

Among the recommendations were references to the kiosk caféon the opposite side of the Pullover to the Admiral Benbow Inn and ‘the boat’ extension on the beach in front of the Benbow.

The recommendation said “The position and future of the kiosk should be subject to an action plan and appropriate monitoring of progress. Councillors should seek written confirmation of the ownership of ‘the boat’ extension and impact on current lease.”

The cost of the audit is to be confirmed to The Standard.