Residents say ‘yes’ to paying more council tax in Skegness

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Residents have overwhelmingly said ‘yes’ to paying more council tax so the dilapidated Tower Pavilion can be replaced with a new building by Skegness Town Council.

A public consultation revealed 84 per cent of residents who participated are in favour of the project principles, with 15 per cent against and one per cent unsure.

The town council is proposing a rise of 2.9 percent - 4p a week for Band D property - for 2018-19, with an additional charge of about 3p a week more to ‘ease the burden in the future’.

Councillors voted in favour of holding a consultation last month, the result of which will be discussed in an extended public participation agenda item at tonight’s (Wednesday’s) full council meeting.

A further consultation on the budget was also held and will also be up for discussion.

Town clerk Steve Larner said: “The response for the pavilion is sufficient to be statistically significant, with 84 percent of those residents responding supporting the principles that the council set out.

“If the council decide to proceed with the Pavilion Site Project as set out in the consultation, the next step is to undertake a feasibility study to show that the council’s design aspirations and budget are compatible. An initial pre-feasibility scoping exercise has been undertaken and the SCAPE contractor is confident that the building construction can be delivered within the £1.5m budget.”

However, the response to the budget consultation was very low in spite of the financial squeeze on Lincolnshire County Council and East Lindsey District Council that has seen services cut and more pressure on the town council to deliver them, said Mr Larner.

He said: “As a result statistically it is not possible to draw a conclusion with any degree of confidence.

“One service that was cut last year was the mowing of amenity grass verges.

“The Town Council decided that it could not allow grass verges within the town to grow uncontrolled and plans are underway to employ staff to cut the verges from next year. The budget has been committed to achieve this.”

l The public can speak at tonight’s council meeting at the town hall at 7pm.