Residents offered sound equipment after complaints


Residents have been offered sound monitoring equipment after several complaints were received about noise levels at a Fantasy Island event held in Ingoldmells.

Bosses at the leisure and entertainment complex on Sea Lane say they were caught on the hop by a type of music genre that was technically difficult to monitor so they won’t be hosting it again.

It was a music event put on by a company on March 29 and Fantasy Island bosses admit that their sound monitoring equipment was unable to measure the noise levels for technical reasons due to the type of music (undergorund) played.

They also vowed to research more thoroughly in future those companies they haven’t used before to ensure acceptable noise levels.

Director of operations James Parker said Fantasy Island works closely with the department of health and environment office and it does monitor the perimeter noise levels of the site and had done so during this 

Mr Parker said: “This was an event that measured a very low frequency of noise and that was the problem because it didn’t register with our equipment because of the type of music it was.

“The music genre was in a level that we don’t particularly have expertise in and it is the first time we used the company in question but we won’t be doing any event using this music genre again.

“We will also do more research next time we use a company that we have not used before to asses the level of noise monitoring required.

“Our next event is with a company we have used before and we have not had issues with. We will continue to use specialised equipment as and when required. Fantasy Island has worked very effectively 
in the community during 
the last two or three 

East Lindsey District Council confirmed it had received several complaints from residents on the night.

The council’s deputy environmental health manager David Dodds said: “The district council received a number of complaints in relation to noise pollution affecting some properties near to Fantasy Island during an event in March.

“As part of our investigation into the matter we have offered sound recording equipment to those residents who made contact with us to raise their concerns so we can monitor noise levels at their property during the next event.”