Residents in Spilsby call for action on ‘dying town’

Residents in Spilsby calling for action to stop their market town from ‘dying’ are being encouraged to campaign for a swimming pool.

Results of a survey undertook at the Franklin Hall when the public went along for their annual flu jab in November were highlighted at the recent meeting of the town council – and, according to Mayor Coun Gill Rymer, a swimming pool is what people want.

Coun Rymer told The Standard she does not think it would be a realistic goal but Coun Victoria Ayling, the county councillor for Spilsby Fen, said she would support a campaign for swimming pool and goes as far as to encourage the public to join the council and help get things done.

Elaine Lowe, of the Neighbourhood Planning Group who conducted the survey, read the following statement to the meeting: “The overwhelming theme was that Spilsby is dying and that no-one is doing anything about it.

“I have read through the council minutes for the last year and I see the play area is discussed at most meetings. The play area is poor and Spilsby children deserve better.

“I can appreciate that all councillors are here to do the best for our town but what is needed is a council with energy, drive and a willingness to work with the local community to look at the bigger picture and see what can be done for Spilsby.”

Spilsby Mayor Coun Gill Rymer, said: “I was gobsmacked when I saw the results of the survey that people want a swimming pool – towns that have them are much bigger than us and it isn’t really realistic for here.

“I agree the play area needs attention and we are looking at ways we can do this and include something for teenagers because they use the equipment and break it.

“What we need is people willing to work with us to help raise money and get things done.”

Coun Ayling, who attended the meeting, said she would gladly support a campaign for the town to get a swimming pool.

She said: “A swimming pool would be a great thing for the residents. I would certainly take an active part should there be a campaign to get one. To access grants and other funding there would need to be involvement and leadership by local groups such as the town council.

“I would urge anyone who feels strongly about getting something for Spilsby whether it be a swimming pool or other facility to join the town council.”