Residents hail efforts of Spilsby snow clearing volunteers

Spilsby residents have heaped praise on the Spilsby snow clearance team and the town mayor for their efforts during the Beast from the East.

The 15-strong team has been braving the elements to remove any fresh snow along roughly two miles of footpaths on routes deemed to be of most importance as part of the town council’s emergency plan.

Spilsby Mayor Michael Lenton has spoken of his delight at the reaction from local residents and businesses.

And the praise comntinues to flood in - with a number of people getting in touch with the Standard via our Facebook page or email to add their congratulations.

In a letter to the Standard, Ron Worth said he wanted to give a “big thank-you” to the mayor and the snow clearers.

He added: “Whilst walking to get my paper early in the morning (at 7am) over the past two weeks, they have been out keeping the pedestrian thoroughfares clear of snow and spreading grit.

“And not just in the town but on the pavemants and approaches to the schools and shops.

“A very well deserved ‘well done’ to all concerned,” he continued.

Pregnant mum to be Shannon Fox has also be generous in her praise for the volunteers.

Shannon, who is eight months pregnant, had been worried about falling on the ice until the team cleared the streets.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the volunteers,” she said.

“Last year I was unable to get out of the house with my young children when it snowed.

“This time around I’ve been able to get around with much less trouble and being 8 months pregnant it’s such a relief not to have to worry about falling. Thank You!”