Residents fear for future of Fairy Dell in Skegness

Coun Malcolm Gabbitas outside the Fairy Dell in Skegness. ANL-160128-145908001
Coun Malcolm Gabbitas outside the Fairy Dell in Skegness. ANL-160128-145908001

Concerns a much-loved paddling pool in Skegness could be at risk again has resulted in an online petition that attracted !,500 signatures in minutes.

The Skegness Standard spearheaded a campaign 10 years ago to save the Fairy Dell, but now its future is uncertain once again while East Lindsey District Council embarks on the tough job of deciding how to save £6 million savings over the next four years.

What a disgrace when the folk of Skegness have already fought to save this attraction once

Skegness Standard reader

In the draft transformation programme, assets such as paddling pools and bowling greens are being considered under the title ‘service closures and transfers’ and the town council could be invited to take them over.

An article posted by the Skegness Standard website explained the consultation on the draft budget, draft medium term financial plan and draft transformation programme closed the following day and urged readers not to miss their opportunity to have their 

However, one reader decided not to leave anything to chance and started an ipetition straight away.

The reader said: “I started a petition and in less than an hour-and-half had 1500 signatures.

“It will be handed in at louth before the 5pm deadline. What a disgrace, when the folk of Skegness has already fought to save this attraction once. We’re gutted.”

Yesterday the petition had almost 4,000 signatures.

Town councillor Malcolm Gabbitas said he hoped the town council would consider taking over the Fairy Dell.

He said: “The town has already had a lot of assets sold off, but we often don’t see any of that money.

“It’s important residents make their feelings known. We don’t want to lose any more of Skegness’ assets.”

Portfolio Holder for finance and property Coun Nick Guyatt said: “Over the next four years the Council needs to make budget reductions of around £6m – quite simply, the district council can’t afford to provide all the services it once could.

“Along with the council’s other key partners, town and parish councils are to be asked to consider taking on responsibility for a range of facilities and services, including paddling pool provision, if they feel they are important to their local area.

“It is hoped we can have discussions with Skegness Town Council regarding the Fairy Dell paddling pool shortly.”

Residents can still visit East Lindsey’s draft transformation programme page online here and all comments received will be passed on to the officers leading the projects.

You can also sign the petition here.

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