Resident feels changes should be made to Skegness Town Council meetings

A resident feels there should be changes made to the constitution regarding public speaking during Skegness Town Council meetings.

Rob Curtis from the ‘Skegness Skegness’ Facebook page said he found it frustrating that the public could not speak on agenda items during the meeting.

Currently the public can speak during an allotted 30 minute section for three minutes each before the meeting takes place.

He said: “You can’t speak until the next meeting.”

A suggestion was made that the public forum section of the meeting could be split in two, half an hour at the start to raise issues and half an hour at the end to conclude points raised.

Coun Steve Kirk thought it was ‘not a bad idea’ and it would allow for clarification on agenda items if the public required it.

Town clerk, Steve Larner held sympathy for the public and said the council could look into the idea and urged all to ‘watch this space’. It was suggested the idea be part of a future meeting.

But Mr Larner also advised that members of the public wishing to raise an issue or gain information, should speak to their ward members.