Report on medical practice criticised by patients group


A group representing patients at a Skegness GP surgery has defended the practice after a health watchdog earmarked it as a top priority for inspection.

The Beacon Medical Practice, in Churchill Avenue, was found to have evidence of ‘elevated risks’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in a report published last month.

These included failing to meet targets for seasonal flu vaccines and face to face reviews for dementia patients.

However, Beacon Patient Participation Group chairman Richard Enderby accused the commission of ‘scare mongering’ and ‘causing distress.’

He said: “What members regarded as an out of date and ill conceived report has done nothing but raise patients’ fears about the quality of care they are receiving, in spite of the fact the CQC claims it is not meant to be interpreted in that way, but identify ‘inspection programme’ data.

“The PPG works with the practice to try to maintain the highest possible standards, but felt this type of report did not help at all.”

The CQC findings came under fire at the Beacon Patient Participation Group executive meeting last month.

Mr Enderby added: “Extreme risk and risk were alleged in relation to the practice’s flu vaccination programme, but the figures used were from 2013, when flu jab deliveries were late causing major problems. This year the practice has been commended for its publicity and vaccination programmes.”

A statement from the Care Quality Commission said: “Banding is not a judgement. Intelligent Monitoring will never be used in isolation to make a final judgement or produce a rating of a GP practice.”