Report finds Skegness ranks 16th for cheapest summer UK hotel break

Skegness Beach.
Skegness Beach.

Recent figures released by hotel booking website as part of their UK Staycation Report have shown that staying in a hotel in Skegness is cheaper than neighbouring Grimsby this summer.

The team looked at the average price of a double bedroom for two nights at the height of summer in both destinations, then looked at the difference in hotel prices. The company analysed prices from the Top 10 hotels in the Top 500 destinations in the UK for its study.

The average price of a hotel in Skegness was £59 compared to neighbouring Grimsby at £63, that’s 33 percent cheaper.

The report puts Skegness at Number 16 for the cheapest destinations for a hotel break in the UK this summer, compared to Grimsby, which comes in at number 28.

A spokesperson from said:”Its worth noting that compared to London, staying in Skegness is a striking 79 percent cheaper than a summer stay in the capital and 77 percent cheaper than staying in a hotel in Sorrento on the southern coast of Italy for the same period.” director Alex Buttle said: “With many long-range weather forecasts predicting a scorching hot summer in the UK, millions of Brits are choosing to holiday closer to home this year and they won’t be disappointed if they do. For those looking to keep a tight rein on their hotel budget, one tip is to avoid booking a hotel in a major destination until you’ve compared the price with a neighbouring town or city within driving distance.”

“The difference in price between Skegness and Grimsby is very typical of the results we are finding. Our research shows you can typically make considerable savings by booking hotels in one destination versus another down the road. If you are willing to travel just a few miles further, you can often find better value,” he added.

Figures were obtained from part of’s national UK Staycation report released last week and covered by The Daily Mail and This Is Money.

Full listing of destinations in the report with the average prices per night can be found on the website.