Replace the Jolly Fisherman? It’s time to ‘dispatch that idea where the sun don’t shine’ - says councillor

The Jolly Fisherman.
The Jolly Fisherman.

Skegness councillors have given short shrift to a controversial call for the town to stop using the Jolly Fisherman to promote the resort.

In an email to the council, Dawn Carr,a project manager for lobby group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wrote: “The council should dispense with the emblem in order to present the town as a progressive and happy place.”

However, Skegness Town council has decided to decline, with Coun Steve Kirk noting that there was no evidence that Jolly had ever actually caught a fish.

“Now the time has come to dispatch it to a place where the sun don’t shine,” he told a meeting of Skegness Town council on Wednesday.